7 Weekend Slow Living Activities

7 Slow Living Weekend Activities

There are more than enough gift guides and flower bouquets floating around to give you all the Valentine’s vibes so I thought I’d try something a little different. I’ve touched on the practice of slow living once before. A time when I was newly discovering how I wanted to carve out my lifestyle to avoid that feeling of repetitive burnout. Since then, I’m grateful to be strengthening the ability to pull myself out of a rut. These slow living practices have helped with that process. Here are some of my favourites.


Whether it’s just for yourself or a batch for those you live with, it’s such a warming and wholesome breakfast to enjoy. The standard recipe I use is a 1:2 ratio of oats to liquid (I use coconut milk) and a dash of cinnamon. The toppings are the best part. Lay out some fresh fruit, granola, honey or maple syrup and nuts and seeds.


Bath salts and a cap full of an aromatherapy blend are all it takes. I’m a shower lover at heart but sometimes a good, deep soak can soothe the muscles.On an overcast afternoon, where the lighting is dim, drawing a simple bath without the fuss of bubbles and bath bombs and glittery water can make you feel at ease. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.


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Your starfish moment could be 20 minutes of yoga, a nap or sat up for some mindful meditation. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I like to take a starfish moment. I lie on the floor with a cushion under my head and something to cover my eyes. I’ll stretch out my arms and legs and take a moment to just be still and breathe. It calms my nerves and bubbling anxiety. Sometimes, I even feel like I’m floating or melting into the floor.


I never used to utilise the furniture that was available to me. Bed to desk to breakfast bar was always the cycle. So that’s why something so obvious became an activity of significance. Sofa time could be spending quality time with pets or people you love in life. It could be quietly reading a book or listening to a podcast, audiobook or new album. This is time well spent. Not just to grow and strengthen your living connections but to feed your creative mind.


On a Sunday when the air is crisp and fresh and you can see your breath, these walks are amazing. Take a walk alone with your thoughts or stroll with company. Sometimes, I’ll take my camera with me or my headphones or drink a hot chocolate along the way. A therapeutic local journey.
slow living weekend activities | lifestyle


A light dusting of flour and seeds lay strewn across the counter top. Rolling out a light dough to make savory rolls or preparing the lattice of a peach pie. Create an old favourite for a little weekend indulgence or take the adventure of trying something new. The wonder of researching a new cuisine and attempting to incorporate it into your lifestyle can feel refreshing.


I find there’s something relaxing and restorative about working on my bullet journal at the weekend. A chance to look over the week’s lists and notes, plan ahead or add some colours and doodles to spreads. Perhaps you can find similar comfort in scrap-booking or coloring books.



7 slow living activities and practices to calm and feed your lifestyle.
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