5 Ways To Slowly Energise Your Morning

My slow living journey began when I embraced those slow mornings. Quiet and calming. A moment to collect my thoughts and settle into the day in such a way that it did wonders to keep my morning anxiety at bay. Countless mornings over the last year and a half have been spent indulging in these slow mornings but recently I’ve found myself falling out of sync with them. The slow starts have become unhelpful in kicking my brain into gear for the working day ahead. Dare I say, they ended up leaving me feeling too chill.

2018 began with an exploration into how to have an energising start to the day that didn’t feel stressful or intense. Picking from the best of both worlds, here are five ways to slowly energise your day. 

 Balancing between bringing joy and settling anxiety whilst still providing that productive boost for the day ahead.
Energise your morning routine with the details - observing nature, cleaning work space, good playlist, verdure room mist.

#1 The Morning Stretch

This started as a quick stretch and a few bends just to shake out the stiffness in my body. It turned into 20 minutes of a full on stretching routine to yoga. In these moments it gets the blood pumping, slowly waking up the body. The breathing techniques that fall into place whilst engaging in a yoga practice have ended up helping me dispel a lot of that budding anxiety I feel brimming in my stomach like dark butterflies.

#2 Invite the cold in

I’ve always been an advocate of cosy mornings and still love these on a Sunday. However, for those weekday mornings I’ve found that inviting in a little cold and fresh to the mix helps. Opening the window a little wider and breathing in some of that cold outside air. Stepping out into the garden to let the cats out or splashing my face with cold water first thing. Honestly, at first I had to push myself to do these things but now I enjoy it.

#3 Slow Release Caffeine Fix

Exploring five ways to slowly energise your morning. Taking inspiration from slow living and incorporating benefits for a healthy and productive day. 1. the morning stretch 2. invite the cold in 3. slow release caffiene fix with Flyte clean energy drinks 4. easy engagement 5. it's all in the detail

Powered By Green Coffee Beans.

Coffee and I do not get along well. It sends my anxiety through the roof and the crash feels horrendous. Instead, I’m an avid tea drinker but a giant mug of Lady Grey doesn’t always switch me into work mode. My brain associates tea with everything from relaxing to working to bedtime - no wonder it can create confusing vibes. Instead, I tried something very much outside of my comfort zone. A clean energy drink called FLYTE . It’s powered by organic caffeine from green coffee beans (before they’re roasted), maca root (to improve focus), Schizandra berry (to reduce fatigue) and mood lifting Griffonia.

Natural & Sustainable - And oh, that glass bottle!

I was intrigued by the concept of Flyte not just for its natural ingredients but sustainable ethos. A carbon positive brand that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint in the manufacturing of each bottle, works with environmental projects (including tree planting across London) and makes their bottles out of easily recyclable glass. I do love the luxe packaging and plan to upcycle my bottles by painting them opaque colours and using them for flowers - totally Instagram, right?

No Afternoon Caffeine Crash.

They are lightly carbonated drinks with a refreshing taste and a clean fruit flavour. I liked citrus lemon (which actually tasted like a cleaner less intense version of Lucozade). Personally, I couldn’t drink a whole bottle in one go but it was a great morning pick me up. It gave me the energy boost I needed for a productive work day without the afternoon caffeine crash. It also pairs well with my new peanut butter protein ball obsession. It definitely felt like a slow release caffeine fix and with that afternoon slump nowhere in sight, I can slip in a workout (and shockingly, I choose core more often).

Flyte clean energy drinks with green coffee extract and natural sweetners.

*Flyte drinks were provided for free. This is not a sponsored post. 

#4 Easy Engagement

I was always one for silent mornings. Alone with my thoughts, staring out the window and probably sleeping with my eyes open whilst I ate breakfast. I found that engaging in something I enjoyed first thing actually got the creative juices flowing and inspired my day.

  • Listening to a podcast (usually either What She Said , Nature & Nourish or Hashtag Authentic )

  • Zoning into an audio book or an easy read like Steal Like an Artist . (affiliate link - highy recommend this book so worth the hype!)

  • Talking to someone - I love having breakfast with a friend or family member. It’s become a social part of my day. As someone who predominantly works alone from home, it jump starts my day in the best of ways (and usually involves having a good laugh).

#5 It’s all in the details

One of the aspects of my original slow mornings was the poetic nature of focusing on the little things. Watching the rising steam from my tea, zoning in to listen to the birdsong outside. As comforting as these details are, I turned my focus towards details that I felt energised me:

  • Observing nature: checking on the plants, noticing the growing jungle in my living space, watching the changes in the trees outside.
  • Cleaning my work space before beginning the day leaving only a glass of water (or my FLYTE bottle ) and a simple to do list in view.
  • Choosing a good playlist as the soundtrack for my work day. It’s usually something from Spotify’s “Focus” section unless I’m in photo editing mode in which case I bring out the classic rock.
  • I’ll spritz my room with this Verdure room mist for fresh vibes all around.