New In: Starskin 7-Second Morning Mask

starskin beauty 7 second morning mask 

One of Starskin Beauty’s newest additions to the lineup is the 7-Second Morning Mask. These pre-soaked pads with dual texture weigh heavy with claims. They claim to shrink your morning skincare routine down to 7 seconds and replace a seven step routine. I’ve been a fan of Starskin’s sheet masks for years so I was curious to give these a try.

How it works

starskin 7-second morning mask exfoliating pad

Step 1: Use the beaded exfoliating side of the pad to massage the skin. Circular buffing motions. [Massage, Exfoliate, Tone]

Step 2: Flip the pad over and pat the infused serum onto the skin. [Acts as a: Serum, Moisturise, Leave on mask for extended daily hydration and Makeup primer]

starskin 7-second morning mask smooth pad

MY thoughts

Much like the NEOGEN gauze peeling pads, there is a lot of the formulation floating around in the container so you can add some of your own cotton pads at the end. A great perk seeing as for £27.00 you only get 20 pads.

I love the exfoliating side of the pad. They’re like smooth rounded beads, not sharp, so you can buff the skin where you need to and just enjoy a little morning massage on the rest of your face. Circular motions, upwards strokes on the neck and following lymphatic drainage techniques means you can really get the blood circulation going. It feels pretty good first thing in the morning. I need to do this more, regardless of the product I use.

After using the exfoliating side, my skin looks pretty flushed. With the smooth side, I’ll press the remaining serum into my skin. And then use my hands to continue the process through tapping the skin lightly. In much the same way as I would apply a serum, essence or oil. Granted, it's not only going to take you 7 seconds to get the most out of these mask pads but it doesn't require layers of different formulations that need time to individually sink in. And, thankfully, there's nothing sticky about this either which I wholly appreciate.

My favourite way to use these pads are on lazy skin days. I’ll wash my face with splashes of cold water and then use one of these pads followed by some lip balm and SPF. They’re so hydrating that it keeps my skin looking plumped, moisturised and glowy for the day. I can easily apply a light foundation, tinted moisturiser or mineral powder on top and my skin looks and feels pretty fresh despite spending a maximum of 10 minutes on it.

If you were to put some in a sealed plastic bag, these would be an ideal travel essential. Amazing hydration, a sheet mask replacement, great for circulation in the face and actually ticks all the boxes for me as 7 steps in one. I'd definitely buy these again as a luxury skincare treat. I'm also curious to try their new 3 step Sunset nose strips (very similar to these Holika Holika ones I reviewed back in the day).

starskin beauty 7 second morning mask
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