A Beautifully Simple Skin Ritual With Su-Man Skincare

A Beautifully Simple Skin Ritual With Su-Man Skincare

One thing I will always have space for on my bathroom shelf are products that don’t need backup dancers. The ones that pack a punch when flying solo, are great when layered but can do the job just fine by themselves. Su-Man Skincare has introduced me to two such products that are brimming with quality and effective ingredients that my skin has warmly embraced over the last 5 weeks. Created by former professional dancer and celebrity facialist Su-Man, her streamline skincare range draws on the power of science, natural ingredients and remedies. A merging of the East and West that I so enjoy seeing in a brand.

I love this quote. It’s exactly how I feel about skincare and her products give you the chance to feel this. To melt into a relaxing and productive skincare routine that cleanses, protects and treats the skin.

Skincare should be a ritual and not a chore.
— Su-Man


A Beautifully Simple Skin Ritual With Su-Man Skincare - Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil

I’m always intrigued by formulations that transform in texture. This water-based cleanser starts as a creamy gel, turns to an oil when massaged onto dry skin and then a nourishing milk upon contact with water. It allows it to effectively remove the day’s dirty and makeup whilst still being gentle on the skin. I have no issues sweeping this over the eyes and when gently rubbed on the lashes it breaks down mascara and leaves your own lashes in tact.

It has a light herbal/spa like scent which I wholly appreciate to enhance the cleansing ritual. The best part is the ingredients line up though:

  • Dragon’s Blood - The sap from an Amazonian tree, this is a great antioxidant and creates a protective barrier on the skin helping to restore that healthy, juicy plump feeling.
  • Wintergreen - A new one for me. This comes from a shrub found in North American woodlands. A good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that is used for medicinal purposes by natives.
  • Rosehip seed oil - A favourite of mine for replenishing the skin and helping to refine its texture and reduce scarring. Packed with vitamins and fatty acids. I’d also recommend this to use as a pure oil.
  • It also has salicylic acid in it which, surprisingly, didn’t irritate my skin (something that happens whenever I've used it in any other product). I think the balance of the above more calming ingredients allowed for this.

Rehydrating Toning Essence*

Despite being an avid supporter of Korean skincare, essences are the one step that I find so hit and miss. They tend to feel pretty blah on my skin, with the exception of these two essences, and now Su-Man’s too.

A Beautifully Simple Skin Ritual With Su-Man Skincare - Rehydrating Toner Essence

First thing I noted as a plus was the more viscous gel formula. It’s not a watery splash and go essence. You can actually dispense a pump, massage it into your palms and pat onto the skin. And it feels glorious. It’s cooling and refreshing and gives you this plumped up dewy look. This is a twice a day one for me. Definitely lives up to the name of rehydrating the skin without being heavy.

It’s got some killer ingredients in there too:

A Beautifully Simple Skin Ritual With Su-Man Skincare - Rehydrating Toner Essence
  • Hyaluronic acid - The standard these days for anything that’s all about the hydrating game.
  • Rose Petal - I love rose in skincare for its calming and hydrating properties. This adds to the soothing feeling my skin receives.
  • Green Tea Extract - Another awesome antioxidant and a great protector against environmental aggressors and, something I didn’t know, balances the pH of your skin. All properties that would be in my ideal essence.

Honestly, these two products are the least expensive of the range. In terms of cleansers, I find it hard to commit but I’d definitely buy the essence. I’d much rather pay for something I know my skin loves than probably spend more on lots of average essences that feel like a chore to finish.

If you’re looking to add some luxury and effective skincare to your routine then I’d highly recommend looking into Su-Man’s carefully crafted edit.

Available via Su-Man Skincare where you can also find a full ingredients listing per product.

*PR sample


A beautifully simple and minimalist skincare ritual with the luxury curated edit from Su-Man Skincare. Created by Su-Man, former professional dancer and highly acclaimed celebrity facialist. A cleanser and essence that will transform your skin and make you fall back in love with your skincare routine.
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