Sun Protection Is Not Just For Summer

Sun Protection Is Not Just For Summer

Wearing SPF is not just a step for the Summer season or those few and far between heatwaves we've been having here in the UK. We should be wearing this year around to prolong protection and minimise damage to our skin by UVA and UVB rays. Because let's face it, between stress, hormones and pollution there are more than enough other factors that are going to affect our skin. So, even if you forget that morning serum (or eye cream) do be sure to at least apply a layer of SPF before you leave the house (even on those grey days). Today, I'm discussing two top SPFs in my skincare arsenal.



SPF 50
Broad Spectrum
UVA + UVB  protection
spf heliocare gel uva uvb

This first one I've been using for years as per recommendation from the Harley Street Clinic. It's a gel formulation, very lightweight and glides easily across the skin. It doesn't have much of a scent (it's not a strong sunscreen smell) and has a slight tint which looks good on the skin and aids that healthy glow. I've been through tubes of this stuff and couldn't recommend it enough. It also applies well over makeup so you can reapply throughout the day. 

£17.50(50ml) from Effortless Skin



SPF 50
3 Spectrum
UVA + UVB + HEVL protection
spf skinshop hevl suncare

The newest suncare addition to my skincare shelf. This sun cream from Skin Shop* opened my eyes to another level of sun rays harmful to the skin. HEVL (high energy visible light) are the rays produced in broad daylight whether it's that strong afternoon sun or your standard light rays on a late morning. 


HEVL rays are the cause of around 50% of your skin's sun damage (from oxidative stress) and exposure. UVA being the second most and then only a tiny percentage (~ 4%) comes from UVB rays.

This oxidative stress can result in DNA skin cell damage. This is because these light rays cause the activation of the matrix metalloproteinases. This is a group of enzymes that are responsible for degrading extracellular matrix proteins in processes of growth and cell tissue turnover (which happens when the skin sheds and renews itself roughly every 6 weeks). If this process is activated at the wrong time it can lead to the formation of wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.

spf hevl suncare skinshop ingredients prebiotics

Skin Shop's Face Creme contains a patented ingredient called Liposhield designed to protect against HEVL rays. What also caught my eye was that this sunscreen includes prebiotics which, as you may know, I'm a huge fan of in my skincare. I wrote about the positives of pre and probiotics in your skincare in this blog post. Again, this sunscreen is an incredibly lightweight formulation and I had no issues using this along side my oil and moisturiser combination. It doesn't leave a greasy finish but oily skin types' may want to use this alone as it does provide a level of moisture and leave a glowy sheen behind on the skin. It's not sticky at all and doesn't leave a grey/ashy tone to my skin. It does have a slight beachy scent to it. Nothing strong or lasting though.

£19.95(50ml) Available from Skin Shop*

What's your favourite SPF sunscreen? Do you wear SPF in the Winter too?


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