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Superfood Skincare

Superfood skincare is a thing. It has been for awhile but as it's edged its way into my routine in a big way, it was about time I wrote about it. Veggies, seeds and grains, coined "superfoods", are not only well researched in how they can help your body internally but also how they can benefit your skin. Rich in vitamins, omegas and other wonderful ingredients, here are a selection of superfoods to upgrade your skincare routine.


More than just a popular t-shirt slogan and salad star, kale has been at the forefront of ingredients in skincare such as in Nourish's and Youth To The People's ranges. Kale is the leafy green with one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants and can help keep skin looking radiant and healthy. It's packed with Vitamins A,C,E and K (ACE K - get it?) which have a multitude of benefits to all round rejuvenate and protect the skin.

Vitamin A - Repairs skin tissue, protects against free radical damage and keeps skin hydrated.
Vitamin C - builds collagen, brightens the skin, aids uneven skin tone. Is most effcient in the form "ascorbic acid".
Vitamin E - Repairs and keeps skin hydrated and nourished.
Vitamin K - There are a lot of claims that K helps to reduce dark circles. However, there is not a lot of proof on whether this is true because most research done used products that included a concoction of vitamins. There are many people who do use products with vitamin K and say that it has made a difference, though. Either way, it's proven to be a good anti-inflammatory.


Nourish Skincare's Kale Biomimetic Anti-Aging Eye Cream (one of my favourites) 
Anything from Youth and the People
Nip + Fab Kale Fix Range


Here's a popular one that pops up often on the Korean beauty front. When a natural, potent extract is used it can be a very good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protector against UV damage and free radicals. It's also soothing and a recommended ingredient for those with acne prone skin. Some studies have shown that consistent use of green tea in skincare can help slow down small signs of ageing but it isn't a miracle worker. You cannot reverse or fill in wrinkles with this. There is also a lot of research that still needs to be done to determine how potent green tea needs to be in a product to have optimal benefits.


Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream (this is such a light, gel-based formula. I highly rate it for being soothing and refreshing on the skin morning and night).
Innisfree Green Tea Sheet Mask (heard great things about these)
NEOGEN Green Tea Exfoliating Pads (I love the wine version so I'd imagine these are pretty awesome too)
Superfood Skincare


I was excited when my skincare radar picked this up. I love a good chia pudding and was intrigued by its skincare benefits. With it being rich in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants it's perfect to hydrate, nourish, restore and give your skin that radiant, dewy glow. It's a good anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce water loss by increasing the skin's barrier function. 


Chia seed oils such as OLO Oh Mega
Perricone MD Chia Serum
The Face Shop Chia Recharge Moisturiser (I talked about this gel formulation here ) - They have a whole range of chia-based products worth investigating.


To round things off, I just had to include some amazing sheet masks that pay homage to the superfood superpowers. It's pretty incredible just how many different key ingredients star in sheet masks. Of course, as with all ingredients, the potency, amount used and source plays a huge part in how effective it is. 


A'pieu Baobab & Quinoa Skin-fit Masks (I reviewed the baobab one here - will be stocking up)
Whamisa Sea Kelp Mask (a very poular one)
Etude House Acai Berry Sheet Mask
Leaders Sheet Masks
All the ones mentioned in Adrienne (The Sunday Girl)'s blog post

Does adding a superfood to your bathroom shelf take your fancy?


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