Discovering Taiwanese Skincare With Naruko

Discovering Taiwanese Skincare With Naruko

Did you know that the first ever bio-cellulose sheet mask was created in Taiwan? Yeah, neither did I until last year. It was Taiwanese brand, For Beloved One, that brought this sheet mask upgrade to the table. I’ve got such a love for sheet masks that when I discovered this little fact I was curious to seek out some Taiwanese skincare brands that are set to be game changers in the beauty world. Much like our favourite Korean beauty brands, they pride themselves on ingredients, innovation and exceptional delivery.

Naruko is a brand created by Nieur known as the beauty king of Taiwan. With a medical background and passion for innovation and using the best ingredients, it’s no surprise that Naruko is listed as one of the top most trusted celebrity brands and best selling in Taiwan. They also have their own store in California which says a lot for how far spread Nieur’s brand success is.
Discovering Taiwanese Skincare With Naruko Raw Job's Tears Line

I was intrigued by their Raw Job’s Tears line which focuses on skin brightening and pore minimising. Two things I could always do with a kick of. A little research told me that the curious raw job’s tears is actually a superfood cereal grain. I covered the details on this grain in my new skincare post back in January.

The Raw Job’s line also covers an essence, brightening lotion and masks among others. I went for the cleanser and a sheet mask. A foaming wash that lathers into this light, airy and creamy texture on damp skin. It’s almost like a mousse the texture of whipped egg whites. It’s very similar to the Hemish White Clay Wash but leaves absolutely no squeaky clean feeling behind.

It has a bit of a plain toast smell and whilst it’s not something I enjoy it isn’t overpowering. I found this cleanser to be non-drying and gentle. In the morning, it gives my skin a good clean and leaves it looking and feeling fresh. The bottom line: my complexion looks brighter straight after using this but long term use hasn’t seen any difference in my pore visibility or blackheads. Still very much relying on those nose pore strips to sort that out.

The sheet mask was a highlight. Not only because it was drenched in the essence formulation and nourished my skin thoroughly but because of the sheet itself. It was bio cellulose, super thin and stretchy. One of few sheet masks I’ve been able to apply and smooth down without any air bubbles and that lasted for a good 30 minutes.

Discovering Taiwanese Skincare With Naruko

If you’re interested in trying some sheet masks by other Taiwanese brands, you could also try:

  • Annie’s Way
  • My Beauty Diary
  • Neogence

Naruko’s products are all cruelty free, SLS and paraben free using many patented formulations to benefit their skincare. They also contain no artificial preservatives or colourings.


Discovering Taiwanese Skincare Brands packed with innovation. Sheet masks to try and a run down on Naruko's Raw Job's Tears line. 
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