Foaming Cleansers That You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of

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There was a time when the mention of foaming and cleanser in the same sentence would have me running for the hills. A lathering mess that strips the skin of oils and leaves it dry like paper. In the last year I’ve come to realise that this is not always the case. Today I present you with three foaming cleansers that you need not be afraid of. I’ll preface by saying that if you have very dry skin I wouldn’t recommend going for any of these on a daily basis. To note, I have combination skin with dry cheeks and an oily t-zone and large pores that are forever in need of help. Reaching for any of these cleansers is either a daily morning occurrence or twice a day if it’s been a makeup free zone.

The important thing to note with all of these foaming cleansers is that foaming is a very loose term. They lather to a creamy consistency in the palm of your hand so you can really massage your skin. (Side note: never lather your cleansers directly onto your face. This is partly responsible for drying out your skin).


A dollop of this squeezes out like a thick and fluffy cottage cheese texture. It has a tiny bit of grit to it for a very light exfoliation. This was my intro to Taiwanese beauty brands and I’m impressed.

RESULTS: Brightened complexion and a deep cleanse with little effort first thing in the morning. Leaves skin feeling soft and looking refined and ready to layer on that skincare.
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This cleanser piqued my interest because it was essentially a lathering clay.

heimish all clean white clay cleansing foam
RESULTS It creates this beautifully creamy consistency and washes off without that dreaded squeaky clean feeling. Not one I use every day because I find that it can leave my skin feeling a little too dry on my dry skin days. I assume this is due to the clarifying clay used. A great one for keeping those pores clean and one I wished existed when I was a teenager as it’s gentle but stern in the face of excessive oil and removing grime from the skin.


A gel cleanser that transforms into a light and refreshing lather. A great morning choice with grapefruit extract. Packed with antioxidants it also provides a welcomed uplifting scent. I had forgotten how much I liked this scent first thing in the morning.

goldfaden md pure start cleanser
RESULTS: Refreshed, clean skin. Can be used as the second step of a double cleanse as it’s easy on the eyes. An effortless and great in shower option. Two pumps provides a generous enough lather and removes excess oil around my t-zone without leaving the rest of my face feeling tight.

Interestingly, this contains hydrolysed wheat protein alongside botanical extracts which is used to help maintain soft and hydrated skin. This formulation doesn’t create the creamy lather that you get with the above options. However, it’s still non-drying. I’ve been using it twice a day for the last few weeks and my skin hasn’t complained.

Safe to say, my cleanser stash is no longer just a plethora of balms and oils. These new age foaming cleanser have got me wondering whether today’s bar soaps are perhaps a lot more friendly on the skin than once thought. Will be tackling the latter on my next skincare adventure.

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