Transitional Skincare

The transitional skincare wardrobe. A look at some of the gems that have helped my skin adjust to the season I’m in. I don’t just mean the weather (because let’s face it, British weather is all over the place even as we approach mid-June). I mean looking at the transitions I’m making from daily routine changes to dealing with dehydration to getting that glow back.

No More Cotton Pads!

I’ve spent a lot of this year researching into the sustainable futures of the beauty industry. Currently (as consumers), we face difficulties in sourcing plastic-free beauty products, dealing with excessive packaging (and where to recycle it) and actually being aware of the sustainable path a brand has taken from ingredients to it turning up on your doorstep. They are out there it’s just not mainstream (yet) and requires much innovation (on the brand side) plus time and effort to seek out those brands who already exist. In saying this, I’ll be making a greater effort to share my sustainable beauty finds on this blog and the switches that I make over time as my beauty stash decreases. (Side note: I’m also downsizing and streamlining my beauty product ownership because alongside books it’s the most cluttered area of my living space).

All of this introduction leads me on to Cloud Cloths. Reusable dual-sided cleansing cloths with a smooth and exfoliating side. The smooth side is a dream for getting eye makeup off gently. They are made in the UK from pure-woven cotton and re-wash really well. With a pack of three cloths for £8 and free UK postage you can’t go wrong giving these a try.

Cloud cloths pure woven cotton UK made zero waste beauty

Just Keep Hydrating.

I’m seriously in love with Finnish brand Lumene. I first talked about them in this post and now I’m back falling for their Sisu Urban Intense Hydrating Serum . Nordic pine bark and spruce knot extracts alongside a powerhouse of antioxidants make this a great barrier for skin in the city. The formulation of this serum aims to act as a shield against city pollution and protect the skin from environmental aggressors and free radicals. It’s beautifully light but viscous. A little goes a long way to pat into the skin giving this smoothed and fresh finish. I will pair it with the Sisu Moisture Remedy cream which is a dream and one I use day and night encouraging amore minimal product routine.

Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B and rosemary hydrolate are the top players in this beautiful West Barn Co. Essential Restore Serum*. I love patting this in after my evening cleanse but you could use it as a base pre-makeup (as recommended by Lisa Eldridge). I’m also a fan of their mini mists (yes to the Peppermint one!). A convenient way to refresh my skin throughout the day. It has been a pleasure to discover and work with this small mother-daughter brand who strive to create sustainable products and botanical skincare.

Face Grains.

Honestly, when I stumbled upon Aster & Bay’s Dandelion Face Grains I bought it not just as a waterless + travel/eco-friendly option but because of the name. I just love that phrase “face grains”. It’s got some interesting ingredients amongst the base of Moroccan lava clay: hibiscus, frankincense, turmeric root, rice and oat flour (just to name but a handful).

Half a capful of these grains with some water to form a paste in the palm of your hand and away you go. Personally I prefer to add two pumps of this gorgeous Votary Cleansing Oil then massage into my skin gently. Extra buffing circular motions around the chin, nose and forehead and then sweeping motions down the neck. If you have a cleansing oil that you love it makes for such a brilliant combo to pair with these grains and welcome in super glowy skin.




Cica What?

Cica is one of those skincare ingredients on the hot list right now, particularly within Korean skincare formulations. But, what is it? You’ve probably already used it in a product that aims to soothe sensitive skin. Centella asiatica (also called cica or tiger grass) is an Asian plant with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties alongside being a powerhouse for antioxidants. One to look out for if you need skincare for dry, irritated or inflamed skin.

skincare favourites face grains, serum, lumene, aster and bay, sisu

I preface with all of this because I am loving these NEOGEN Cica Pads*. The pack comes with 90 finely textured fiber pads that have been pre-soaked with a cica repair essence and NEOGEN’s trademarked PHA (polyhydroxy acids which are much milder that AHAs). After having a rough time with REN’s new AHA Glow Daily Tonic, these cica pads have soothed my ridiculously red cheeks, gently exfoliated my skin and prepped it well to receive layers of hydration and apply makeup without any stinging. I realise these aren’t the most eco-friendly so will be scouting out other cica serums/essence formulations alongside. These have genuinely helped my skin a lot though and I’ve always had a good experience with NEOGEN products (like these exfoliating pads) so if you need some gentle acid action in your skincare routine once in awhile, they’re worth investigating.

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