A Realistic Travel Skincare Routine | Hand Luggage Only

A realistic travel skincare routine for hand luggage only.

As a self-confessed skincare junkie (and hoarder) I was excited to tackle the challenge of creating a skincare routine that fit into the hand luggage only allowance and was quick and easy. I decided to write this post upon my return to give a more realistic view on what skincare I actually used whilst away and how my skin reacted because of it. 

The deal with hand luggage only is that each of your liquids has to be in a container of 100ml or less and they all need to fit into a little, square plastic bag. I was actually able to fit a lot of stuff in this bag but it got bulky so I decided to streamline and try a minimal approach.

To avoid going down the route of a bottle of micellar water and a bag of cotton pads I opted for some face wipes. These H&M Gently Does It wipes were super cheap and decent. They took the bulk of my makeup off to get started and didn’t leave my skin tight, red or irritated. I would then cleanse with the Oilixia Gummy Cleanser*. A great balmy cleanser that breaks down remaining makeup further, is gentle over the eyes and turns into a milk upon contact with water. I much preferred this than having to use a hot cloth. All of Oilixia’s products are travel friendly! In the mornings I just splashed my face with cold water. A new one for me and surprisingly my skin liked this.

A realistic travel skincare routine for hand luggage only

And then came all of the sample sachets. I knew I was collecting them for a good reason. The make P:rem hydrating essence served me well in the mornings to add some hydration and “juice” back into my skin. If my skin was still feeling dry I would layer on a little Embryolisse and then follow up with the Caudalie 3in1 Moisturiser*. This one doubles as a primer and skin protector from environmental aggressors/pollution. My new favourite way to prep my skin before makeup.

In the evenings, I kept things simple with a few drops of the Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil that I had in a cute tiny pipette bottle. Again, if my skin needed an added boost, I’d mix this with some of the Embryolisse. It’s surprising how much product you get in those sachets. I got three uses out of one sachet.

Lip balm came in the form of my trusty Glossier Balm Dot Com and for skin reviving and toning I would add a spritz of the Pixi Vitamin Mist. It smells just like the Vitamin C tablets you put in water. Very energising. In terms of SPF, I didn’t go with my usual factor 50 and instead relied on my Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream (spf 20). It turned out we had clear skies and a lot of sun in Berlin but my skin didn’t feel scorched. In hindsight, I would have still taken the Thank You Farmer Water Sun Cream SPF50+ which comes in at 50ml and with very sleek packaging.

Overall, I think the minimal makeup, lots of time outdoors and softer water in Berlin helped a lot with keeping my skin in check. 
Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist - Great for travel
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