A Valentine's Day Giveaway!

A Valentine's Day Giveaway | Spread The Love!

Valentine’s Day has become one of those things that puts you into one of three categories: love it, hate it or indifferent. Whilst I find myself falling into the lattermost, I thought I’d use the opportunity to spread the love. I wanted to show some love to you. Thank you for being an amazing reader, for engaging, for just taking a minute out of your day to read any of the content on this blog. Five years ago, I was just as excited and grateful to have 10 people reading my blog as I am now with 1000’s.

As a token of my gratitude (I sounded like a Disney prince there), I thought I’d put together a little giveaway. I will also be putting up weekly #FreebieFriday’s on Twitter all through March. I hope you like them. :)
A Valentine's Day Giveaway | Spread The Love!
A Valentine's Day Giveaway | Spread The Love!


  • Bloom by Estee LaLonde (The only “Youtuber book” I was ever curious to purchase. I’ve been watching her channel for years, appreciate her sense of humor and she’s just as legit in person). It also makes for a pretty coffee table book.
  • Dorkface Notebook - If you’ve not visited Jemma’s Etsy shop then you need to get on that. I loved her notebook designs and ended up buying for myself, as gifts and for this giveaway.
  • Shoot For The Stars - A limited edition bath bomb for a pamper Sunday. Treat yourself.
  • Sheet Masks - To go alongside that pamper evening. And you know me, I can’t not share the sheet mask love.
  • Nourish Kale Hand Cream - I love the Kale range from Nourish. A skincare brand I’ve been using for years and would highly recommend checking out if natural and organic skincare takes your fancy.
  • Extras - Those are a secret but they’ll be beauty products and lifestyle bits too.
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