Garden Journal: It's Nearly Winter, Now What?

garden journal: what to do in winter to get your gardening fix

I didn't quite hit the peak of a flourishing garden over this Summer. My first Garden Journal will tell you why. So, as Winter rolls around, my garden looks empty. There are no plants and I'm feeling a bit fidgety looking for my gardening fix. If, like me, you're in a similar boat and all those wonderful articles and videos of things to do in your garden for A/W can't apply to you just yet, then here are some other options.

#1 Live vicariously through other's stories. Not even joking about this. I love indulging in Instagram accounts where they are prepping their gardens. One of my favourites is Laetitia Maklouf. I also delved into reading Rhapsody in Green. I resonate with this book so much. She radiates such passion for gardening and connecting with nature and wanting to grow edibles. It's a very well written book, hilarious and I could probably read it in one sitting if I didn't have work to stop and do.


#2 Learn for next time. I'm picking what I want to grow next year. Watching videos and filling up a Pinterest board with information and good tips. All so I can make a fully formed action plan come January. I also bought an overpriced garden planner from Paperchase. It was more of a gift for my mum and because I was having "a moment" and they don't sell plants or seed packets in Paperchase.

#3 Watching Gardener's World with tea on a Friday evening. (Preferably one of Adagio's chai blends). This is my life now and I like it. Of course, GW has now ended until next Spring so re-runs it is.

#4 Two words, bulb lasagne. Prepping this sounds like you're orchestrating a symphony of colours and varieties that will grow up to sing in a carefully selected order. Crocus, tulips and allium are currently top of my list to bake in a planter. I've also considered a flurry of snowdrops. In their masses, they exude elegance and a fresh spark.

#5 Collect all the autumn leaves. In your garden, from the park, on your commute to work. Whilst they currently make for glorious Instagram photos, by Spring you can use your bag full of leaves like a weed barrier. Scattered around your Spring plants. Alternatively, save them to make your own compost or leaf mould. We accidentally ended up with a heap of very rich (and probably acidic) soil at the end of the garden. This came about after years of that space being untouched. Layers upon layers of leaves, apples, dirt and grasses. It is soft and silky; stored away until I can figure out what to do with it. It feels like compost conditioner.

growing from avocado seed
growing from avocado seed

#6 Adopt a family of houseplants. Another option to bring the garden fix inside is to try growing an avocado plant from seed. All you need is the stone from your freshly eaten avo, toothpicks, a glass jar and water. Line them up on your windowsill as a peculiar lab experiment and commentate on how much nothing is happening every day. Until one day, you see one start to split and this thick root shoots down into the jar and you show it to everyone who visits your home from then on.

Is there anything else you would add to this list?

Garden Journal: It's nearly winter, now what? The second installment of my garden journal talks about the plight of being a beginniner and not satisfying that gardening fix over the colder months. I managed to find 6 ways to keep me occupied though. 
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